Combat the clutter

Storage in your home to achieve a calmer and welcoming space

I asked and you answered, very clearly.

“What do you need help with?”

“Storage” you replied.

So in a series of posts over the next few months I’m going to look at storage around the home. I will divide this up into sections so it can be methodical and focused on areas of your home with specifics for that space. I will hunt out the clever sites and bargains to be had. I will guide you through the process. And I will high five you (virtually) when you sort your storage, stand back and take a breath because it has made you love how you live (or at least helped with the clutter which feels like it is everywhere!).

The thing with storage is that you must realise it's got to be respected. It’s not a glorified black bag with endless space to continue stuffing these things that have no meaning or value to you. What you need first is a bin and recycling power.

So before you embrace storage, I urge you… declutter, lose the noose and get rid of all those things that are hanging around and have no place in your heart or your home. Then identify what’s left and lets get storing….

I’m going to look at storage for children in my first post and then on a fortnightly basis I’ll drop by with another room and more storage finds.

Enjoy and do drop me a line if you have any questions and queries on you storage challenges.

Part 1: Children’s storage

Doing it for the kids

Children bring joy to a home but they also bring a lot of stuff. From babies with their play mats and buggies, through to teenagers and gaming equipment, they require space and an abundance of storage to hold all of their bits and pieces.

See below my top 5 storage ideas for children around the home.

Built in and deep

These units built into a playroom are actually kitchen base units. The doors have been spray painted a specific colour that can easily be updated in years to come and the finish is matt to help conceal those pesky little finger prints which appear all to often on gloss finishes!

The depth of these units is 600mm so they go back a long way and confidently store many baskets of toys, Lego, craft boxes… it's a tardis!

The configuration of the doors means that the children can access the bottom units and adults can still use the top sections for additional things like nappies or upcoming birthday presents. By keeping them up high it also keeps them away from little hands that can’t yet reach that far!

Fitting the units across an entire wall leaves fewer gaps for dust and small toys to disappear into. It also creates a streamlined effect, which is very welcoming in the chaos of a child’s room. The units are fitted directly to the wall so they are very safe, which is paramount when looking at storage for children’s spaces.

I used DIY kitchens for these units and the doors are spray painted in Little Greene Paint Spearmint.

Ingenious shelving


A great way to achieve some useful storage in children’s spaces is with shelves. Think floating shelves, bookshelves, picture rails….but off the ground and on the wall.

As well as performing a useful function, if chosen carefully, these shelves can turn a very boring wall into a beacon of accessible activity for the kids.

These shelves can be bought at but it’s worth having a look through the GLTC website as they have many options of ledges and shelves depending on the style you are looking for.

House Shelves


Think a miniature dolls house, on the wall and again off the ground!

This theory can take on a life of its own. The kids can use it as a playhouse when they are younger and also store their precious treasure, as they get older.

Have a look at IKEA for a similar one to the image above.

Bed space

Under bed storage can be useful to store bulky and infrequently used items. I find it’s a great place to store the winter duvet in summertime or the extra guest pillows. This bed has two deep drawers, which pull out and hold the bulky items in our house. Find the base at John Lewis.

Storage with wheels

Having something, which your little one can pull behind them, gives the novelty of holding and keeping the toys within the box.

It offers an alternative to toys going everywhere This pull along is just big enough to hold a selection of toys to keep your child busy for a while and can then be pulled back to its original home at the end of playtime. Buy it at IKEA.

Another pull along option especially designed for books is the Mr. Bear cart from GLTC

Children’s storage online: