Working from home


Nestled in a corner of the garden, this south facing cedar clad room drank in all the suns rays and provided a beautiful light filled space to create a working office.

The brief outlined a need for this studio to be inviting for clients; somewhere they could visit and enjoy the design experience alongside the designer. It was important that this room could function as a creative space, offering a light and bright environment to work in all the while maintaining a calm feel without too many distractions.

I chose a chalky white backdrop giving a blank canvas which could then be built on layer by layer. I then introduced texture through the office unit doors and oiled oak work surfaces for a soft matt finish.
The flooring was practical and neutral, not taking away from all the new design concepts, which would be created in this studio space. 

Picture ledges were fixed to the back wall, offering a flexible space to visualize each project and present to clients when they visited.

Two oak framed chairs provide the relaxed seating area along with delicate mint green accents to brighten the overall design. Plants and greenery were introduced in varying height to help this room connect to the garden maintaining a natural and restful space encouraging creativity.

The low level window was created to an exact level which fell in line with the desk, allowing a glimpsing view to the garden but avoiding too much distraction.
— Fiona
Various green tones were introduced throughout the design, from soft mint to emerald.
— Fiona
High and low level lighting were designed to allow for all aspects of work, either day or night.
— Fiona
The main purpose of this space was to be an office but this little cabins journey has evolved so much more than that. It’s an escape from the manic daily life, its a soothing space to think and it’s a wonderful sun trap on a Spring morning with a hot cup in hand, contemplating the day ahead.
— Fiona