Less is more

A considered formula to creating harmony through broken plan living.

The vision for this room was a calm and relaxing space that wouldn’t buckle under the pressure of every day living. It was important that it could work for the entire family and remain timeless throughout the years. I wanted to define each section of the room but at the same time ensure a sense of harmony for the people living here.

With this in mind, I worked on a concept of less is more, choosing as few materials, finishes and colours as possible.  Excluding the kitchen worktop, all surfaces were given a matt finish to helped maintain the tranquil feeling.

I chose one family of greys from The Little Greene Paint Company for this entire project and applied this to the walls, kitchen and fitted furniture throughout the room.  The muted tones pulled back on colour to allow the room space to breath.

Flecked white quartz was used for all worktop space including the lounge and utility room. I opted to go for a slim worktop as I didn’t want anything heavy or bulky, suffocating the clean lines in the room.

I laid one floor throughout creating a cohesive feeling to the space.  The luxury vinyl was placed in the direction of the large glass sliding doors to create a balance with outside.

Each area of the room was subdivided into its functional space with subtle detail. For example, in the kitchen, the dropped ceiling and 3 concrete pendants help define its purpose. The extra large island and bank of ovens also work to add balance to the space.  A sliding door connects to a built-in pantry holding an abundance of foodstuffs and hiding clutter.

I strategically placed a modern chandelier in the centre of the dining table and added soft grey ikat designed wallpaper to the end wall closing in this section for dining purposes.

Finally, a modern stove was fitted centrally to pull the entire room together and painted a matching charcoal grey to the large sliding doors.

Working with a selection of recessed, pendant and floor lighting allowed flexibility to where and how much each space was illuminated.

I introduced colour to the room through art and cherished items the family now display with pride.”
— Fiona
I placed hinged spotlights above the section in the bank of units. These lights illuminate and highlight the beautiful ashen grey floor to ceiling units which hold the bank of ovens.
— Fiona
Hidden plug points means that the island is a practical area to use electrical equipment
— Fiona
A boiling water tap eliminated the need for a kettle to be on show
— Fiona