REthink Pink

A fresh new take on how to style a girls room.

A stripy dressing gown and book collection were the beginnings of this little girl’s bedroom, that and the fact that the little girl in question did not like pink or anything even closely related to the colour pink.

It was important to ensure this room could grow with the child however, I didn’t want it to feel too much like an adults room.

I chose a silvery grey and golden yellow scheme, keeping the grey notes soft so the yellow tones could pop out and create interest in the room.

Accessories were chosen in ochre and lemon tones except for the photo frames, which I kept traditional and matt grey in colour. The images in these frames can be easily updated but the frames themselves are timeless.

By fitting the bed snugly under the window, I created a cosy space for sleeping which this little girl loved. A useful bookshelf, petite wall house and functional reading lights were all kept at arms reach, offering distraction to this early riser and an extra few minutes sleep for her parents!

I chose handleless furniture to keep the overall scheme streamlined but also it helps prevent little fingers getting caught whilst opening or closing the doors
— Fiona
By working with just one fabric to cover the headboard, stool and cushion cover it adds personality to the overall scheme but also prevents the room feeling too fussy or busy
— Fiona
The images in the matt grey frames are postcards, which the client had bought for her daughter because they reminded her of family pets. At 50p a postcard it was a very cheap way to create a smile each time she looked at them
— Fiona