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The Jewel in the Crown

How to design a home that’s inviting and luxurious, with subtle but considered Styling

Nestled within some ancient oak trees and wild flowers, stands Crown House. This impressive building holds court to a handful of well built and designed apartments, one of which I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to create a home in for the most wonderful client.

This project was close to my heart and really challenged my values of “love how you live”. My mission was to create a haven for my client, who worked very hard during the week and deserved a little reprise come the weekend.

I wanted to create a home she could unwind in, have guests over to entertain in and just sit and enjoy a home that would be truly special to her. The project included my full interior design package, from concept through to purchasing and installation of all furniture and bespoke items.

It was carried out over a number of months and stages. Keys in hand, I set about to create a home for a well deserving client.

The apartment was large with sash windows and angled ceilings. Rooms were vast in size, so scale of furniture was an important factor with this project to ensure a harmonious visual balance. There was a significant amount of wall space so art and wall hangings were another key consideration to injecting personality into each area.

My client had 2 of the most amazing Persian rugs, which were a natural start to the design of this home.
Soft and dusky pinks marry with blood red tones.
Intricate details and silky textures offer subtle indulgence.
— Fiona

I wanted each room to have its own personality but also it was key that overall this design felt cohesive and married well together. The master bedroom was given a very grown up injection of luxury, from the vast bespoke upholstered bedstead through to the walnut furnishings and large mirrors.

Tactile bedlinen, sumptuous goose feather pillows and cashmere throws added to this space, enticing my client to enjoy this well deserved master bedroom.

The guest bedroom was a little less formal, but very welcoming for guests of all ages. This room also needed to function as an office so storage and desk space was an important factor.

The large living area was about added impact. A massive 3-metre sofa was placed against the angled ceiling and 2 large prints above the sofa balanced the scheme.

A walnut dining table with white upholstered dining chairs were added to this room to really give it an adult feeling but maintain the calm air of this design.

I spent time researching and purchasing a collection of books, which I knew would be of interest to the owner and placed them strategically around the apartment. Heavily scented candles were dotted about, pleading to be lit.

Seating was large, comfy and inviting, urging its owner to just sit and relax.

Artwork adorned the walls, adding interest to the calm state I wanted to achieve with this home.

Even now it brings a smile to my lips when I think that how a space is designed really does allow me to help people to “love how they live.
— Fiona
You know a design has done its work when your client calls asking where they can purchase the candles from because they have all been burned and enjoyed.
— Fiona