Yin and Yang Master Suite

Clean lines and symmetry create an oasis of calm For Grown Ups.

It was important that this master suite could satisfy both parties that would share the space. The focal point of this project was the imposing cinder grey bedstead, which assumed centre stage and commanded the room.

I carefully considered the balance of both feminine and masculine touches, choosing a deep blush pink contrasted against strong charcoal grey, romantically fusing the finalised design and defining the overall space.

Being north facing I wanted to ensure light flooded the room to add some crispness however I didn’t want the overall effect to feel cold.

I choose a silver tone for the walls, which helped bounce light into the room in the morning but offered a somber feeling to the space at nightfall.

Textures were kept plush, giving a nod to the use of the room, which was to be an adult’s retreat.

Lashings of velvet, crisp cotton and sumptuous wool were introduced on various levels to ensure this space continued to offer it’s inhabitants a tactile feeling of indulgence before braving the outside world each morning.

Furniture was kept to a minimum but deep and functional.

Deep pile wool carpet adds warmth and texture to the bedroom
— Fiona
A mauve velvet chair placed in one corner of the room adds a sense depth to the space and stands its ground against the charcoal grey bedstead
— Fiona

The tones were followed through into the ensuite where tiles were laid horizontally in an orderly pattern to compliment the defined pink stripes behind the bed.

Deep granite and bold rose tones ensure this room flowed seamlessly through from the master bedroom.

I added a bespoke mirror to meet the ceiling, helping bounce light around the room and define the vanity area.

A variety of lighting tones help finish this bathroom.

Taps, lighting and shower detail was kept simple to avoid the space feeling cluttered.

The overall effect creates a harmonious feeling flowing naturally through from the bedroom into the ensuite and gives a definite nod to a couples retreat.